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English Information about "Paraphoto"

"Paraphoto" is a Japanese NPO which aims to spread the knowledge of the Paralympics and other sporting events for people with disabilities. Our activities are centered on the distribution of information on the Paralympics, which are held twice (summer and winter) every four years.
During the Games, photo exhibitions are held at various locations around Japan in addition to widely distribute information on sports for people with disabilities.

Ever since the Internet became a common media tool, it has become natural for any individual to be a sender of information, rather than being a passive receiver. Therefore, media literacy, including the sending and receiving of information, is now not only the responsibility of the traditional vehicles.

Paraphoto is a fan-based media where its members enjoy, learn and provide information on sporting events by people with disabilities, such as the Paralympics. The organization wishes to grow along with the sporting events themselves. Currently the members consist of people with various occupations such as freelance photographers, engineers, and designers.

In 2001, it has become a Japanese Cabinet Office registered NPO.
Its formal name is : Registered Not for Profit Organization International Parasports Photography Liaison Council

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